Invading Aliens

Sansaku: Incarnating Aliens


Because I walk around doing nothing, I get asked all the time, “What have you been doing?” I walk around doing nothing. It’s what I do. But then I get home, take a shower, and turn on the tube. Lately I’ve been streaming a BBC series about a time traveler and his companion. It’s an interesting love story.

It turns out there’s a lot of alien life-forms on Earth and most of them walk around fairly well disguised, not always. They’re mostly hostile and rarely evolved in the psychological sense. They aren’t very loving. They’ve spent more time developing weapons than the higher levels of consciousness and emotional development.

I keep hoping the show will incarnate a species more evolved, one with considerable inner character and development. What kind of people would they be like? I think I’ve known a few. Their smiles gave them away. They had that inner voice.

Odd how a smile and the voice can be used to deceive or reveal.

I tend to find our species a rather rough and uneven one, but I’d like to imagine the aliens as an ecstatic race. They say it feels so much better to be loving, kind, and funny. You have to agree it sounds better. And they’re in for the long-haul, like a Bodhisattva, it needs to feel good.

I doubt they have to armor-up and shield themselves, as the show’s threatening species display. Instead, they’d have one of those heaven-protecting weapons, a deep and loving soul. They mean no harm, but tend to come across as trouble-makers. Why is that?

I think they’ve invaded my psyche. I’ve seen those smiles in dreams.

I described one yesterday and tried to hold on and stay with her. No wonder the woman in the series wouldn’t let go of the meddling Doctor who was also a time traveler.

Where would you go and what would you do?

The aliens on the show are probably wise not to make themselves known. They take on human form. And for the most part, humans have no idea how many life-forms and higher levels there are out there.

It seems Earth has been advertising itself with every space-probe missile, every nuclear warhead. “Look at me, I’m all grown up.” I can only imagine what those eternal ones think. “What the hell? Does somebody want to volunteer and go down?” They all raise their hands.

I don’t know when they entered my psyche, but they had good reason. I was shouting, “Look at me, I’m all grown up. I’m ready.” It usually means it’s time for a ritual, an initiation. Are you sure?

When I first came to the college, I thought I was all grown up. Far from it. It just so happens I walked into the right place at the right time and saw the time machine. A bunch of us climbed in.

There’s a reason most rituals are secret.

I never advertised the dream groups at the college, because I wanted to keep them sacred. We were hard to find. It usually took some accident of fate. Serendipity. We were playing hide and seek.

That silly TV show has helped me conceive of the group and room as a time machine, a way to travel with others. Now I use a journal and the group has gone within. If given a chance to do it all again, how would you do it?

The world’s at war and we’re not at peace with ourselves. I know where I need to start.






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