Mapping in Time

Sansaku: Mapping in Time


“If you want to give god a good laugh, tell him your plans.” I heard this in a movie that had this theme: We have no idea when or where the big thing happens. I once procrastinated buying yogurt and ended up in a different universe.

Last night I dreamed I had the ability to look at a map like the way Google can zoom in and out of Durango. I could shift scales by focus and attention. The two-dimensional would come to life. I saw geologic layers forming over time and how we got here.

Affective forecasting is notoriously poor and seems to be getting worse. We think we know what gives us happiness and direction. The unconscious, like god, gets a good laugh. This is no exaggeration.

Be honest, where does happiness reside? How do we chart our course and way into the future, the person we will be?

I try to imagine a higher race that is much better at affective forecasting. It means they’d have access to time travel. Moving forward and back, they could see how it all connects.

When Hollywood designs an alien species, they usually amplify what already exists. Too often it looks like some Frankenstein abomination. The aliens are as self-centered and war-like as we are. Quick to attack, quick to defend. Volatile and herd-like. Moving in panic and lust.

We’re not that cool a species in the conventional way the media paints the picture. It’s why I try to slow it down, get close. What really matters, what counts? I liked the way Superman landed in a cornfield in Kansas and looked like a mild-mannered reporter with the dorky name of Clark Kent. No wonder kids love superheroes.

I liked Kane, the Kung Fu master, living in an inner city. He looked like a long-haired bum who gardened, played flute, and kicked butt.

Why would an advanced species come to earth in the first place? If they came to rape, pillage and plunder the earth, they’d be just like us. I seriously doubt they’d want to conquer, exploit, and lord over life. That’s what we want to do.

I bet they come as the teachers, the healers, the artists and dreamers. They come as mothers and fathers, lovers and friends. They come as the old guy down the street, who hides in the bushes and dances like a bear when we see him.

Humans like to solve unsolvable problems with the push of a button. The internet reinforces this tendency to the max. But I’m guessing aliens who were truly advanced, wouldn’t indulge in quick fix technology. Instant happiness in a bottle, a pill, a make-over.

Evolution gets weird when it takes big jumps. Mary Shelley called her Frankenstein story the modern Prometheus.   She saw it in a dream. We think we know, we don’t.

I’m back to affective forecasting.  Peck said that mental health was about map revision and a dedication to reality at all costs. Jung said therapy was about repairing our relationship with reality. The unconscious doesn’t suffer deception well. Dreams map it.

Rogers talked about congruence and what happened when it was or wasn’t present here and now. Symptoms point to glitches in the map. Drive here and this will happen. Don’t get stuck like a record that repeats and repeats and repeats. Bump the needle.

My higher order beings are patient and take the time to hear what the symptoms have to say. They have maps to guide them.

I think we can live like mosquitos. Our lives are days and not the other way around. The higher order beings have a slower frequency and there’s great space between words and action. A day lasts a lifetime.

Maybe they’ve entered our consciousness and spliced their way into the DNA and genetic code. Saying, “Let’s throw in some good stuff, like humor and imagination. Let’s throw in love and empathetic joy.”

Faith is a form of knowing the unknowable. How do you know? I don’t. I have faith. Faith in what? Not what exists and always has, but faith in how things could be. Time traveling makes sense to me.

Love looks blind in standard time, “What a fool, can’t she see?” But love has eyes for the long-run, just see how it all turns out.

The way Jung describes complexes they could be alien consciousnesses within the psyche. They take on human form, our faces. He said, “We think we have them, never knowing, they have us.”

He did his best to map them. They exist in time. And that’s more than enough for today.









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