Best Slowly:   Contents

December 2015

One                            One
Two                            Connection
Three                          Introduction to the Feeling Function
Four                            The Give-Away
Five                            Don’t Punish the Disclosure
Six                               Loving Work
Seven                          Oz
Eight                           Serendipity
Nine                            Falling Leaves
Ten                              Elephant Eyes
Eleven                         The Nonverbal
Twelve                         Secrets
Thirteen                      Congruence
Fourteen                     The Rainmaker
Fifteen                        Commencement
Sixteen                        Learning to See Through Symbols
Seventeen                  A Healthy Forest
Eighteen                     A Hundred Pots
Nineteen                    Good Luck/Bad Luck
Twenty                        Roots and Wings
Twenty-One              Those Questions
Twenty-Two              The Gap
Twenty-Three           Okasan
Twenty-Four             Sansaku
Twenty-Five              It’s Not the Towel
Twenty-Six                A Better Narrative
Twenty-Seven          The Wisdom of Indecision

January 2016

Twenty-Eight            The Wisdom of Decision
Twenty-Nine             Learning to Think
Thirty                          The Water of Life
Thirty-One                 Rule Number One
Thirty-Two                Two Wolves
Thirty-Three              Turn on the Light
Thirty-Four                 Letting Things Happen
Thirty-Five                  An Initiation
Thirty-Six                    Crossroads
Thirty-Seven              Kilton Stewart
Thirty-Eight               Open the Door
Thirty-Nine                Leo
Forty                            It’s Always in the Middle of the Room
Forty-One                   Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Forty-Two                  Two Films
Forty-Three                The Hole In the Basement Wall
Forty-Four                  Not Just a Warning Dream
Forty-Five                   Stop and Turn Around
Forty-Six                     Dead Bird Medicine
Forty-Seven                Crocodiles
Forty-Eight                 What Color Is Your Bong
Forty-Nine                  The Metamorphic Journey
Fifty                             Axe Handles
Fifty-One                     Geologic Time
Fifty-Two                    Death and Dreams
Fifty-Three                  The Devil’s Golf Course
Fifty-Four                    Hypnosis
Fifty-Five                     Wilson
Fifty-Six                       Field of Dreams

February 2016

Fifty-Seven                   A Tombstone Epitaph
Fifty-Eight                    Groundhog Day
Fifty-Nine                     The Rosetta
Sixty                               Ice Cream
Sixty-One                      On Fate
Sixty-Two                     Lee
Sixty-Three                  Fact into Fiction
Sixty-Four                     The Geode
Sixty-Five                      Khidr
Sixty-Six                         The Useless Tree
Sixty-Seven                   EJoe
Sixty-Eight                    Initiation
Sixty-Nine                     Robert
Seventy                           Nikki
Seventy-One                 A Glitch in the Matrix
Seventy-Two                Loose Cannons
Seventy-Three             The Dark One Speaks
Seventy-Four               Meeting Jumping Mouse
Seventy-Five                The Roaring In His Ears
Seventy-Six                   It’s All About the Boundary
Seventy-Seven             There is a River
Seventy-Eight              Leaving the Field of the Norm
Seventy-Nine               Seed Into Seed
Eighty                              The Mark
Eighty-One                    Soulmaking
Eighty-Two                    On Beyond
Eighty-Three                 The Pressure Test
Eighty-Four                   Tests of Departure
Eighty-Five                    The Guardians at the Gate

March 2016

Eighty-Six                       Inner Healing
Eighty-Seven                 The Gift
Eighty-Eight                  Mouse Crosses the Prairie
Eighty-Nine                   He Didn’t See This One Coming
Ninety                              Shadow Canyon
Ninety-One                    I Will Be Your Eyes
Ninety-Two                   They Are Closely Attuned
Ninety-Three                Dweller at the Edge
Ninety-Four                  Timberline
Ninety-Five                   A Digression
Ninety-Six                     All In
Ninety-Seven                The Call
Ninety-Eight                 The Numen
Ninety-Nine                   For Red Bird and Lidly
One Hundred                  When I’m Sixty-Four

The Woman With Green Eyes

One                              The DreamToken
Two                              Entering Into the DreamStory
Three                           And Then It Happened
Four                             A Fractal Iteration
Five                              When Time Disappears
Six                                Into the Sacred
Seven                          He Lost All Belief
Eight                           Different
Nine                            Back to the Ordinary World
Ten                              Love Finds a Path
Eleven                        The Secret
Twelve                        Following Bliss
Thirteen                    The Promise
Fourteen                   The Mind Voices
Fifteen                       Contact
Sixteen                      Love and Soul

April 2016

Seventeen                Motley
Eighteen                   Mahri
Nineteen                  The Priest
Twenty                      The Story
Twenty-One            The Old Gods and the New
Twenty-Two            The Key to the Kingdom
Twenty-Three         The Daimon of Creativity
Twenty-Four           The Most Serious Thought
Twenty-Five            On the Edge
Twenty-Six              The Seizure
Twenty-Seven         The Dawning
Twenty-Eight          It’s the Experience
Twenty-Nine           The Value of Dreaming
Thirty                         Now I Get It
Thirty-One               And If I’m Evil
Thirty-Two               Impossible
Thirty-Three           Orcs or Elves
Thirty-Four              When Women Were Birds
Thirty-Five               Come Here
Thirty-Six                 Returning
Thirty-Seven           Two Mirrors
Thirty-Eight            Wild Swans and Soul Windows
Thirty-Nine             Take-Out
Forty                           Anima
May 2016
Forty-One                Finished Left Unfinished

One                           The Gap year
Two                            Check-In
Three                         Entering the Gap
Four                           The Start of a Story
Five                            What Happened
Six                              The Well
Seven                        The Temenos
Eight                         The Temple
Nine                          The Watcher’s House
Ten                            The Overlook
Eleven                      Diamond Light
Twelve                      Emergence
Thirteen                  Some Context and History
Fourteen                 Not the Ceremony
Fifteen                     Just Wait and Watch
Sixteen                    Maybe Next Time
Seventeen              Projection
June 2016
Eighteen                It’ll Take Several Flushes
Nineteen                Learning to String the Bow
Twenty                    String the Bow
Twenty-One          Wendell
Twenty-Two          It’s a Beautiful Summer Morning
Twenty-Three       The Obituary
Twenty-Four          A Return to the Bow
Twenty-Five           Take Your Bow
Twenty-Six             String the Bow
Twenty-Seven       Cut Bait
Twenty-Eight        Craft Your Words and Heal
Twenty-Nine          The Favorite Scar
Thirty                        When You Come to the Land
Thirty-One             Blessings
Thirty-Two              Wandering
Thirty-Three          Finding the Touchstone
Thirty-Four            Associating on Touchstones
Thirty-Five            Not Just in Dreams
Thirty-Six               A Foolish Mistake
Thirty-Seven        An Unexpected Journey
Thirty-Eight         St. Augustine
Thirty-Nine           It’s a Pull, Not a Push
Forty                        To Open, Not Close
July 2016
Forty-One             Following the Moon
Forty-Two             Three Fields of Study
Forty-Three          Bullet Point One
Forty-Four             Incubation
Forty-Five              Procrastination
Forty-Six                Don’t Dismiss
Forty-Seven          Details
Forty-Eight           Dream Weaving
Forty-Nine            The Series
Fifty                         Remembering Joel
Fifty-One               Monument Valley
Fifty-Two               The Hawk Whistle
Fifty-Three            Transcribe
Fifty-Four              Context
Fifty-Five               Share It
Fifty-Six                 Ancient Medicine
Fifty-Seven           Oil
Fifty-Eight            Woodpeckers
Fifty-Nine             Bach
Sixty                        The Job Will Undress You
Sixty-One              Pick Your Battles
Sixty-Two              Camelot
Sixty-Three           On Board the Titanic
Sixty-Four             Looking For Omens
August 2016
Sixty-Five             Voodoo Pins
Sixty-Six                Kitsune
Sixty-Seven          Something Like Gratitude
Sixty-Eight           Holding an Edge
Seventy                  A Vow of Stability
Seventy-One       Evoking the Ideal
Seventy-Two       The Art
Seventy-Three    Drifting into Conflict
Seventy-Four      Life Blossoms at the Boundary
Seventy-Five       The Goal Is Better Intentions
Seventy-Six         Dream Intentions
Seventy-Seven   Amazing Grace
Seventy-Eight    The Residue of Design
Seventy-Nine     Gravitas
Eighty                    Transubstantiation
Eighty-One          Swing Like You Have No Fear
Eighty-Two          My Buddy
Eighty-Three      Timeless
Eighty-Four         Outside the Lines
Eighty-Five          Critical Points
Eighty-Six            A Thin Disguise
Eighty-Seven      A Creative Conflict
Eighty-Eight       Born With a Twisted Foot
Eighty-Nine        A Start on Gratitude
September 2016
Ninety                   A Weapon Against Being Dead
Ninety-One         The Invincible Shield
Ninety-Two         A Piece of Reality
Ninety-Three      In the Distance, Heaven’s Peak
Ninety-Four        When the Grizzly Is Gone
Ninety-Five         Crossing By Night
Ninety-Six           Garbage Dump Crows
Ninety-Seven     First Lucky, Then Clarence
Ninety-Eight      I Come to the Dump
Ninety-Nine       The Crows Tried to Warn Me
One-Hundred    A Single Conscious Decision
Out of Left Field
Blind Spots
The Moral Emotion
Wendell’s Last Laugh
A Necessary Education
Mythic Space
The Ripe Years
Sacrilege and Sacrifice
That’s Not What It’s About
A Shift in the Center
The Sunrise Meditation Bell
A Biblical Story
Om Mani Padme Hum
Time Travel
Not My Normal Diet
October 2016
First                         The Pavanis
Third                        The Water We Need
Fourth                      What Doesn’t Kill Us
Fifth                          A Different Kind of News
Sixth                         There Are Many Kinds of Tears
Seventh                    Trespassing Into Shame
Ninth                         And Now I Bless Them
Twelfth                     Shadow Pages
Thirteenth               Style Is a Matter of Vision
Fourteenth               New Prophets Will Come
Fifteenth                   A Loud Day
Sixteenth                  I Had Them Both Inside Me
Seventeenth            Skin
Eighteenth               Standed
Nineteenth               No Green Card, No Nada
Twentieth                 Silver Dust
Twenty-First           The Dream Leads Me Back
Twenty-Second      The Firethorn
Twenty-Third          Neighborhood As Boundary
Twenty-Fourth       Enso
Twenty-Fifth           Into the Medicine Bag
Twenty-Sixth          He’s Helped a Lot of People
Twenty-Seventh    A Simple Twist and Tangled Up
Twenty-Eighth       A Conversion Experience
Twenty-Ninth         Surago
Thirtieth                    I Call Them Friends
Halloween                 The Flower Couch
November  2016
First                            Coyote Clowns
Second                       Don’t Try This at Home
Fourth                        Effortless
Sixth                           Becoming the Change
Seventh                     Crafting Responses
Eighth                        A Different Kind of Power
Ninth                          I Need Some Time and Distance
Tenth                         The Inner Voice
Eleventh                   What Happens Next
Twelfth                      Far From Astro Turf and Food Courts
Thirteenth                The Beast:  An introduction
Fourteenth               The Beast Continues
Sixteenth                   The Empathy Spectrum
Seventeenth             First Impressions
Nineteenth               Love the Questions
Twentieth                 Beginnings
Twenty-First           The Happiest Person
Twenty-Second      Learning the Gossip Stroke
Twenty-Third         The Intensification of Life
Twenty-Fourth      Love and Do As You Will
Twenty-Sixth         Postcards
Twenty-Seventh   Drinking with the Devil
Twenty-Eighth      A Fatal Flaw
Twenty-Ninth       Two Sides
Thirtieth                  A Different Diagnosis
December 2016
Second                    The Prodigal Father
Third                        An Infinite Regress
Fourth                     Reflecting on Reflections
Fifth                         MV
Sixth                        A Vow to Change
Seventh                  No Caravan of Despair
Eighth                     Vows
Ninth                       The Wings to Fly
Eleventh                 The Blog Garden
Twelfth                    Inside the Hut
Thirteenth              In Search of a Better Narrative
Fourteenth             I Had No idea How Real
Fifteenth                 What the I Ching Said
Sixteenth                 Boojum Trees and Boulders
Seventeenth           Seeing As We Are
Eighteenth              The Path of Practice
Nineteenth              That’s When I Feel Most Free
Twentieth                 A Solstice Stone
Twenty-First           The Seed of Light
Twenty-Second      Equilibrium
Twenty-Fourth      He Just Couldn’t Help Himself
Twenty-Fifth          A Christmas Vision
Twenty-Sixth         The Wild Horse
Twenty-Seven        The Journals As Symbol
Twenty-Eighth       Chronos
Twenty-Ninth        The Crossroads
Thirtieth                   Psyche Comes to Consciousness
Thirty-First             A Shift in Context
January 2016
First                           Slowing to Notice the Girl
Second                      Two Buttes
Third                          It Began With the Clouds
Fourth                       She’s Smarter When She’s With Him
Fifth                           Weather Makers
Sixth                          The Owl
Seventh                    Dream Clouds
Eighth                       The Talker
Ninth                         Diogenes and the Beast
Tenth                         They Wanted Her to Know
Eleventh                   Coming of Age
Twelfth                      The Bristlecone
Thirteenth                The Voodoo Garden
Fourteenth                The Dreamcloud
Fifteenth                    Iridescent
Sixteenth                   The Holy Land
Seventeenth              The Mark of the Beast
Eighteenth                 God Trees
Nineteenth                 A True Education
Twentieth                    The Love Potion
Twenty-First              Synchronicity
Twenty-Second          The Vision Quest
Twenty-Third             Saved By Love
Twenty-Fourth           The Forgotten Way
Twenty-Fifth               The Covenant
Twenty-Sixth               Lightning
Twenty-Seventh         The Third Eye
Twenty-Eighth            Dream Temples
Twenty-Ninth              Tokonoma
Thirtieth                         A Slight Screw-Up
Thirty-First                   The Hum
February 2017
First                                 The Sacred Syllable
Second                             Snake Talk
Third                                 Getting Closer
Fourth                              A Formal Education
Fifth                                  Put That in Your Pipe
Sixth                                 Off the  Label
Seventh                           In the Dark
Eighth                              When the Circle Rounds Out
Ninth                                Falling Clouds
Eleventh                          The Vision to Foresee
Twelve                              Enlightened Ale
Thirteenth                      Inner Doors Open
Fourteenth                     The Hungry Ghost
Fifteenth                         A Stick
Sixteenth                         Up-Close
Seventeenth                   Visions
Eighteenth                      Cranes
Nineteenth                      A Congruent Crane
Twentieth                        The Crane Flute
Twenty-First                   And Motley Mooed
Twenty-Second              The Epigraph
Twenty-Fourth               About to Be Baked
Twenty-Sixth                  Between Worlds
Twenty-Seventh            A Point of Emergence
Twenty-Eighth               A Break in the Clouds
March  2017
First                                    The Dream Door Epiphany
Second                               The Goal Is Now
Third                                   Pure Gold
Fourth                                The Kiva
Fifth                                    A Place of Remembering
Sixth                                   The Whistling in the Wind
Seventh                             The Owl
Eighth                                An Ode to the Underground
Ninth                                  Two Drops of Water
Tenth                                  The Drip-Spring
Eleventh                            The Iridescent Wasps
Twelfth                               Opening Up
Thirteenth                         The Desert Rose
Fourteenth                         What the Wind Has to Say
Fifteenth                             An Accidental Metaphor
Sixteenth                             Blow Out the Candles
Seventeenth                       Coming Home
Eighteenth                          Evoking the Ideal
Nineteenth                         A New Beginning
Twentieth                           The Snake Bite
Twenty-First                      Confluence
Twenty-Second                 The Key
Twenty-Third                     When the Inner Becomes the Outer
Twenty-Fourth                   Wild Cranes Dancing
Twenty-Sixth                       Curves in the Body of Knowledge
Twenty-Seventh                 The Apple and the Eye
Twenty-Eighth                    The North Wind
Thirtieth                               The First Sip
April 2017
First                                       Dream-Clouds and Owls
Second                                  A Right Kind of Question
Third                                     Sansaku Eyes
Fourth                                   The Eyes of Eros
Fifth                                       It Looked Like a Mushroom
Sixth                                      The Water Is No Figure of Speech
Seventh                                 A Transmission
Eighth                                    The Bottles
Tenth                                      The Boundary
Twelfth                                   No Goal in Mind
Nineteenth                            Between Worlds
Twentieth                              The Power to Foresee and to Recall
Twenty-Second                     The Eye of Expectation
Twenty-Third                        Surrealistic Confession
Twenty-Fourth                      Process Questions
Twenty-Fifth                          What We Talk About
Twenty-Sixth                          Soul Choices
Twenty-Seventh                     The Perennial Philosophy
Twenty-Eighth                        Things Get Strange

May 2017
First                                         The Greater Going On
Third                                        The Mascon
Fourth                                      Flaws
Fifth                                          Cracks
Sixth                                         The Cistern
Seventh                                    Amor Fati
Eighth                                       Visions
Ninth                                         It’s Not How I Look in Dreams
Tenth                                         The Temple
Twelfth                                      Writing on the Walls
Fourteenth                                Any Questions
Sixteenth                                   A Dark and Earthly Sense of Humor
Nineteenth                                Medicine
Twenty-Second                         Tumbleweed Art
Twenty-Fourth                          The Devil
Twenty-Sixth                             Before the Fall
Twenty-Ninth                            A Complex Diagnosis
Thirty-First                                Strange Medicine
June 2017
Second                                        Gaslight
Third                                           Cordelia and the Fool
Fourth                                         If You Want to Be Free
Fifth                                             The Secret, He Related
Sixth                                            Like a Fish Into Water
Seventh                                       Indeterminacy
Eighth                                          Genes and Memes
Ninth                                           The Monk
Eleventh                                     Redemption
Thirteenth                                  Multi-Colored
Fifteenth                                     The Altar of the Fathers
Sixteenth                                    An Open Heart
Seventeenth                               She’d Be a Hundred
Eighteenth                                  Kicking the Addiction
Nineteenth                                 Noncomparable
Twentieth                                   Soulscapes
Twenty-First                              Stuckness
Twenty-Third                            Three Places of Stuckness
Twenty-Sixth                             Kinnikinnick
Twenty-Seventh                        Postcards
Twenty-Eighth                           Perfect Magic
Thirtieth                                      Temptation
July 2017
First                                             The Best
Second                                         Kenage
Third                                           Love the Rules You Have to Live By
Eighth                                         A Visit from the Wizard
Ninth                                          My Desk
Tenth                                          Keying In
Eleventh                                     Wabi-Sabi
Twelfth                                       No End to the Practice
Fourteenth                                 Dead Crow
Fifteenth                                     Empathic Joy
Sixteenth                                    Indebtedness
Seventeenth                               Noses
Eighteenth                                  Making It
Twentieth                                   Trifecta
Twenty-First                               Patience
Twenty-Second                          Détente
Twenty-Fourth                           A Left-Hand Path
Twenty-Sixth                              Five Hundred
Twenty-Seventh                         Intrigued
August 2017
First                                              Drifting Toward Deep
Fourth                                          Wrestling
Fifth                                              Invading Aliens
Sixth                                             Mapping in Time
Eighth                                           Discernment
Tenth                                            Right Questions
Fourteenth                                   T-Group
Fifteenth                                      What Is Counseling
Eighteenth                                   Spoiler Alert
Twenty-First                                Does Not Apply
Twenty-Second                           Amazing
Twenty-Fifth                               The Darkness Is Deep
Twenty–Seventh                        Engagement
September 2017
Second                                         Dragon Blood and Brains
Third                                            Dream Dragons
Fifth                                             Dragon Talk
Sixth                                            Lawless
Seventh                                      Question Authority
Ninth                                           Legitimate
Twelfth                                       The Wash
Thirteenth                                  Just Enough Salt
Fifteen                                        Crumbs and Pages
Twenty-Third                            Ashes to Trees
Twenty-Fifth                             Coyote Comes to Town
Twenty-Eighth                          The Pair
October 2017
Fifth                                             Trouble at the Crossing
Sixth                                             Not a Curse, A Blessing
Tenth                                           Typology and Imagination
Eleventh                                      El Vagabundo
Twelfth                                        Far From Certain
Thirteenth                                  An Apologetic God
Fourteenth                                 A More Creative Image
Fifteenth                                     An Incredible Intention
Twenty-First                               Giveaways
Twenty-Third                             Yuma
Twenty-Fifth                               Finding Chuang Tzu
Twenty-Sixth                              It All Comes Back
Twenty-Seventh                        It’s Not About Control
Twenty-Ninth                            At the Border
November 2017
First                                             Arrival
Fourth                                         Layla
Fifth                                             Three in the Morning
Seventh                                       The Lid Popped Off
Eighth                                          See What Happens Now
Ninth                                            Kahlua
Tenth                                            How Can I Cross Back and Forth?
Twelfth                                         Yada
Sixteenth                                      Yum
Eighteenth                                    An Encounter
Twentieth                                     Ripening
Twenty-First                                Grab On
Twenty=Second                           Beginning Thanksgiving
Twenty-Third                               Giving Thanks
Twenty-Fourth                             Continue Thanksgiving
Twenty-Fifth                                 The Oscar Goes to George
Twenty-Sixth                                Ten-Thousand Hours, Two-Seconds
Twenty-Seventh                           Counter-Conditioning
Twenty-Eighth                              The Many Words of Love
Twenty-Nine                                 No More Running Away
Thirtieth                                        A Complex Father Complex
December 2017
First                                               Two Ways of Driving
Fifth                                               Lucky
Eleventh                                        I Needed Forty Years
Thirteenth                                     He Talked Up
Fifteenth                                        Impeccable Credentials
Sixteenth                                       Talk About a Healing
Seventeenth                                  Mastication
Eighteenth                                     No Blame
Nineteenth                                     An Empathy Defense
Twenty-First                                  Nonconformity
Twenty-Third                                Conforming to the Higher
Twenty-Fourth                              Still Carrying
Twenty-Fifth                                  Playing with Stories
Twenty-Sixth                                 Intima, Intimus
Twenty-Seventh                            The Swan Song Dive
Twenty-Eighth                               Compensation
Twenty-Ninth                                 What Matters
Thirtieth                                           Cause-Gods
Thirty-First                                      Heart Talk
January 2018
First                                                  Unresolved
Third                                                Li Po in the Morning
Fourth                                              Attraction
Sixth                                                 Expectations
Tenth                                                Goodbye
Eleventh                                           The Book
Twelfth                                             An Urn
Thirteenth                                        Not Just a School or a Job
Fourteenth                                       The Constraint of Style, First Draft
Fifteenth                                           Polka Dot Brainstorm
Sixteenth                                          Recapitulation
Seventeenth                                     Enter the Scribe
Eighteenth                                        Tread Softly
Nineteenth                                        No Exaggeration
Twentieth                                          The Soup Is Living Water
Twenty-First                                      The Inheritance
Twenty-Third                                    Needles and Thread
Twenty-Fourth                                  The All-Scholl Introduction
Twenty-Fifth                                      A Confession
Twenty-Sixth                                      Euphoric Recall
Twenty-Seventh                                The County Line
Twenty-Eighth                                   Trouble
Twenty-Ninth                                     Differentiation
Thirtieth                                              Splinters and Salt
Thirty-First                                          Expectations
February 2018
Second                                                 Belief
Ninth                                                    Rules
Tenth                                                    Odello
Eleventh                                              LA Woman
Twelfth                                                I Didn’t See It Coming
Thirteenth                                           Pumpkin
Fourteenth                                          Haunted
Sixteenth                                             Saturday Night
Eighteenth                                          Cloud Cover
Twentieth                                           Pinkerton’s Ghost
Twenty-First                                       A Wrong Turn
Twenty-Second                                  Clark
Twenty–Fourth                                 Contingent
Twenty-Sixth                                      Brandy
Twenty-Seventh                                Aggregate
Twenty-Eighth                                   A Rosy Glow
March 2018
First                                                     Knifewing
Fifth                                                     Janus et al.
Sixth                                                    Saltiness
Seventh                                              Blame It on the Rocks
Eighth                                                 Kami
Ninth                                                  How I Learned
Tenth                                                  Yei
Eleventh                                            What’s Missing
Twelfth                                              The Firestarter
Thirteenth                                         Burned
Fourteenth                                        Interesting
Fifteenth                                            Mistakes
Sixteenth                                            Emergence
Seventeenth                                      A Footnote
Eighteenth                                         Magic
Nineteenth                                        Memory
Twentieth                                          The Right Question
Twenty-First                                     Spring
Twenty-Second                                Attention
Twenty-Third                                   Tessa
Twenty-Fifth                                    Attracting the Wild
Twenty-Ninth                                  I Know Who Your Are
Thirtieth                                           Crane Feathers
Thirty-First                                      Rare Books
April 2018
First                                                   Digression
Second                                              The Experience of Existence
Fourth                                               Is There Someplace Other Than Here
Eighth                                               Messing Around
Tenth                                                Jumping into Story
Twelfth                                            We Still Have Instincts
Thirteenth                                       One More Chance
Sixteenth                                         Yamabushi
Eighteenth                                      Midori
Twenty-Second                              Empathy Poems
Twenty-Sixth                                 Hot Springs
Twenty-Seventh                            Yugen
Twenty-Ninth                                Coming Home
May 2018
First                                                High Expectations
Second                                           Memory-Mind
Fifth                                               Magpie Voodoo
Sixth                                              The Magpie Series
Seventh                                         The Rattle
Ninth                                             An Emotional Landmark
Sixteenth                                      Marlow
Seventeenth                                 Overboard
Nineteenth                                   Entangled
Twentieth                                     Firecrackers
Twenty-First                                Fern
Twenty-Third                              Coming Together
June 2018
First                                               The Moment
Fourth                                           To Feel With Restraint
Sixth                                              Willing and Able
Eighth                                            Freedom and Control
Ninth                                              Beauty Burns
Twelfth                                          The Voodoo Spot
Thirteenth                                     Heart of Darkness
Fifteenth                                        Base Sixty
Seventeenth                                  Last Words
Eighteenth                                     Squirrels
Nineteenth                                    Take a Sniff
Twenty-Fourth                             Et Al
Twenty-Ninth                               We Need the Eggs
Thirtieth                                        The Derivative
July 2018
First                                                Sixty Instances
Fifth                                                Wild Basin
Ninth                                              Propinquity
Eleventh                                        TEDx
Thirteenth                                     Not Depressing
Fourteenth                                    Divergent
Fifteenth                                        Quaaludes
Seventeenth                                  I Shouldn’t Be Surprised
Nineteenth                                    Shake It Up
Twentieth                                     The Many Words of Love